Sunday, February 03, 2008

Blue Trumpet Flower in Moonlight

Totally made this up--to my knowledge there are no such things as Blue Trumpet Flowers, but there is moonlight and my imagination.

Blue Trumpet Flower by jude cowell 2008 Use only by express permission of artist.

Which reminds me...I heard that the Hollywood writers' strike may be ending soon which is good because I want to see more episodes of my favorite new show: Moonlight. I'm not a fan of the vampire normally but a humanitarian vampire is a difficult paradox to ignore!


Yes, Moonlight came back from the writers' strike but was cancelled at the end of its run - which grumped me up considerably. Anti-kudos to CBS. :-(

Friday, February 01, 2008

Lady Unmasking: in time for Feb 7 '08 Eclipse

Lady Unmasking is drawn and published in honor of the Feb 7, 2008 Solar Eclipse in the 10 North Series.

Keyphrases for this Series which last manifested on Jan 26, 1990 (so similar issues may resurface from that time period) are:

strong emphasis on communications; frustrating or inhibiting events occur relating to news, paperwork, or a young person; a draining of energy--take things quietly for there's an element of fatigue with this Series. (Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

Yes, Lady Unmasking is a bit of a departure for Secret Moon Art, for my figure studies and mask-related images are usually published at Cosmic Persona Designs with Children's, Botanical, and Fairy Art published here at SMA.

Plus, I hope you don't mind a smidge of Astrology with your Art today! I have sashayed into Astrology here before--it is Secret Moon Art, after all.

Why "Unmasking"? The reason some folk call this the Unmasking Eclipse is because it falls at "18Aquarius" and the Sabian Symbol for that degree is "A Man Unmasked."

This speaks of a man's secret motives being revealed due to the impossibility of keeping one's true motives hidden forever...and '18AQ' is the opposite degree of Venus' position on 9/11/01.

Venus' degree on 9/11 was same as the Sun/Moon degree of the August 11, 1999 Solar Eclipse...aka the King of Alarm Eclipse which set the tone for the New Millennium. Sour note so far, right?

Nostradamus' description of this difficult Eclipse related primarily to monetary issues and we know that the attacks of 9/11 were aimed to decimate our financial system.

Yet even Washington DC may fall prey to the influence of the Feb 7 Eclipse, for they have the most secret motives of all...and the most to gain by keeping things out of sight.

To read more on Washington and its starry doings, visit Stars Over Washington and for a blend of stars, politics, Art, and the occasional lapse into poetry, drop by Jude's Threshold where you'll find an article in the blog's Sidebar with more details on the King of Alarm Eclipse of August 11, 1999.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Indian Pipes

My botanical drawing of these mystical little Indian pipes shows them rising in ghostly cluster from a shadowed forest floor.

Indian pipes are sometimes mistaken for fungi but they are a true flowering plant. Yet their leaves lack chlorophyll and present as scales along the stems.

Therefore they are unable to manufacture food, so their tangly masses of rootlets live quite intimately with subterranean fungi. Both then take their sustenance from decaying organic matter and from living tree roots.

Blooming in summer, Indian pipes' single nodding cup-shaped flowers do resemble small clay pipes atop their waxy stems.

And who can say that fairies don't play tunes upon these lovely creations of nature-- or puff a puff or two?

Indian pipes by jude cowell (c) 2008 Use only by express permission of artist.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Fairy Glen

Fairy Glen is a drawing about to be donated to my local Mental Health Benefit Art

Fairy Glen by jude cowell 2008; Use only with artist's express permission. Thanks.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Chinese Woman Nursing a Baby with a Message

Beyond synchronicity?

Two years ago when I rendered this drawing to illustrate the Sabian Symbol for the 12th degree of Cancer, "A Chinese Woman Nursing a Baby with a Message" I was unaware that in August 2012, Venus will be "stationary in the hand of Orion" (Signs in the Sky, Adrian Gilbert) in mid-degrees of Gemini.

This relates to the cataclysm of 2012 predicted in the Mayan Calendar and in ancient Egyptian texts--and Venus is the prime planetary actor in the drama.

(And in Astrology, Venus may be considered a significator of a woman, as well as of values, relationships, aesthetics, beauty and the Arts, and money.)

Most people have heard by now that the three pyramids at Giza line up with the stars in the Belt of Orion (though some may dispute it.)

My religious friends have told me for 30 years or so that Christ's Second Coming will be from the direction of the Belt of Orion. And a certain prophet has predicted a Shaking of worldwide proportions--which sounds much like the pole shifting of 2012 with its earthquakes and tidal waves...tsunamis.

Orion as a constellation equates to Osiris, a Christ archetype at the equator, well-known in ancient Egyptian star lore...Orion/Osiris was god...not a symbol of god, he was god.

There is a pyramind text which captures the Egyptian concept of Orion/Osiris:

You sleep that you may wake
You die that you may live.

And in Brady's Book of Fixed Stars, we find that Orion is an archetype of god and because the constellation is on the earth's equator it is subject to the hero's journey of the whirlpool. I'd say that Christ's life on earth was a hero's journey if there ever was one.

The brightest star in Orion is Rigel (Ree' gal) and Venus conjuncts Rigel in August 2012. The Star's keywords are: the educator; one who brings knowledge. Seems the Woman is bringing knowledge bwo her Baby who has a Message for all of mankind.

Well, what brought all this on? you may ask. If you look behind the Woman in the image, you will see what appears in all my drawings of the sky...the constellation of Orion.

And Venus at "12Cancer" will rise with Rigel during August 2012, something I discovered this very evening (Jan 22, 2008.) This occurrence is what reminded me of my drawing for this degree.

Perhaps it's having Orion at Midheaven in my natal chart...yes, that might account for the synchronicity of the planet, the Sabian Symbol, my desire to illustrate it, my belief in the literal Second Coming, and the stars I am impelled to place in the night sky of my drawings, for Orion has been appearing in my artwork since 1995.

Then there's the synchronicity of YOU, Dear Viewer, finding this lonely little art blog with its lost-among-the-millions-online post with my meager illustration of "12Can"...*keyword: MATERIALIZATION...

positive: a gift for bringing the more Godlike resources or superior powers of self to a point of real community service;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: completely unreasonable demands for recognition.

Please do this as soon as practical: go outside and look up at Orion--for he really is the most beautiful constellation in the sky!

*The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Dr Marc Edmund Jones.

~:~update July 3, 2008 (7:11 pm edt): if you've shipped over from Jude's Threshold because of July 2 2008's New Moon '12Can' conjunct asteroid Isis then Happy Independence Day, America (tomorrow but we're celebrating tonight while we still may) and wishes for Freedom go out to All the World as per usual! jude

Saturday, January 05, 2008


Here's a small illustration of the wild flower Self-Heal.

Click image to enlarge if it seems too dark for your computer screen... drawing compliments of your artist this evening, jude cowell (c)2008+.