Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Beautimus Pillows presents: Pattillo Armadillo

Well, here's Beautimus Pillows' second offering now available in my Zazzle Art Shop: little Pattillo Armadillo! Now this pillow may be perfect for decorating a kid's room, yes? ;p

Beautimus! Owl of Minerva pillows

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Okay, so here's the latest Zazzle Merchandise panel from my Jude Cowell Art Shop. Not sure if or when my newest creation--illustration 'Owl of Minerva' as a double-sided throw pillow--will turn up in the panel's slideshow, so check out my art shop whenever you may and browse to your heart's content, 24/7, with no strings attached.

My thought is that an Owl of Minerva pillow is perfect for a child's room, especially one with a magical or botanical theme! And when I have a chance to add to my Zazzle Pillow Gallery, I shall file them in a new Beautimus Pillows folder because that's what I called my designer handsewn line of cushy pillows back in the 1990s!

So look online for 'Beautimus Pillows' by Jude Cowell when your head needs a soft landing or your sofa calls out for a different sort of decorative pillow...


Art Note: Owl of Minerva was previously titled Minerva's Glen and you may see the drawing in full here. Plus, this image is also available as an Art Poster so scroll down a bit for a view and a direct link. Thanks! Jude

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