Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mrs. Cholmondeley cordially invites you to Tuesday Tea


Are you surprised that Mrs. Cholmondeley of the Clematis Family has dropped by to visit you again and invite you to Tuesday Tea?

The lady may be of the Charleston Clematises, but I'm not certain.

And did you know that Lulu has returned to town?

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Liberty Cries (collage)

This is an image of a paper collage titled, Liberty Cries, but you may call it whatever you like.

All Art perpetrated by Jude Cowell copyright 2009+

An Art Storefront awaits you if you're at leisure for a browse...

Friday, July 10, 2009

Ballet Collage from 1991 re-scanned in 2009

Ballet Collage, completed in 1991, is here copied, scanned, and published for you in black & white. The original collage (paper) is larger than my current scanner bed so scanning a copy of it is as good as it gets!

One thing I enjoy about paper collages (running across old ones in particular) is that they can function later on as a small sort of Time Capsule for the societal concerns and topics of the day on which they were created; in this case, 18 years ago.

(Warning: there may be dinosaurs afoot! Click to enlarge image.)

So do you collage, lone reader? Well, I recommend trying it, if you haven't, because it's a barrel of monkeys even without your toe shoes.

Plus, Collage Mirage is available for your inner collager as well.