Saturday, December 26, 2020

Portrait of 'Monica Rose' almost completed!

An End-Of-2020 Art Update from pencil artist Jude Cowell

December 26, 2020: If you by chance follow my Instagram feed at all you may have seen the first scan of my Portrait of 'Monica Rose' which, in its in-progress state, shows a whole bunch of black paper, unpenciled as of then (December 22nd). Only the bare basics are committed to paper because you have to start somewhere!

Well, below is the second scan (v2) of my drawing which is quite a bit more completed as of today. Yet as every artist knows, decisions must be made soon concerning 'her' background (if any! or should I leave her 'floating'?), the color/s of her eye shadow, the rest of the mandala behind her, and any other finishing touches which may be required.

Naturally, once such decisions are made and perpetrated, a final v3 version of Monica Rose will be published - either here in this very gallery, or perhaps in my Jude Cowell Art Portfolio at Fine Art America where she might turn up as an art print, a greeting card, or maybe decorating a coffee mug!

But for now, just for you, here is Monica Rose v2, such as she is! How do you like her red gloves?

My preferred pencils: Prismacolor Oils and Rexel Derwent Watercolour Pencils (used dry only).