Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Return of "A Night in Celadon Forest" by Jude Cowell

Night in Celadon Forest has returned to Secret Moon Art in honor of the Autumn season. Don't forget your lantern is my best advice!

Plus, there's a Full Moon in Taurus, you know, on Thursday November 10 (2011) at 3:16 pm est so the Taurus/Scorpio energies will be reflected by moonbeams during the evening as they swirl through the cool night air!

Click to view a horoscope of the Full Moon (@ 19Tau) with the chart set for Washington DC, a devilishly Scorpionic spot on Earth if there ever was one. Living there twice in my life taught me that if it taught me nothing else...


All artwork and images are copyrights of pencil artist Jude Cowell, 2011 and beyond.

Media: Prismacolor oil pencils, Rexel Derwent watercolour pencils (dry only) on black paper which allows certain effects that you'll never achieve on white paper, no matter how hard you try! Try it and see what you think, and...

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