Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mirror with Vase of Dried Flowers

Here's a simple little pencil drawing, a still life from a while back. Through the years I've usually done a few drawings of each place we've lived. This is one of a series.

(c)2009+ secret moon art by jude cowell

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Isle of Ruins (more Art from 1996)

When I drew this large image in 1996, little did I know how ruinous so many areas of the world would be in 2007.

And I'm sorry for it.

Isle of Ruins (c)1996-2007 by jude cowell

Oil and Watercolour pencils on paper

Monday, August 13, 2007

Path to Blue Tree Castle (1996)

Secret Moon Art debuts Path to Blue Tree Castle, drawn in 1996 by yours truly.

Ah yes, 1996. That Spring I began studying Astrology full time!

#BlueTreeCastle #1996 #CosmicArt #SecretMoonArt #UnsceneWorld #JudeCowellArt +Astrology

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Cosmic Art from 1996 turns up!

Not the Art actually but the art's photos which had been lost or in hiding for simply years.

Five photos from my Cosmic phase have been unexpectedly located this very day and here's the first installment for you, Clouds Descending Near Turquioise Pond.

Well, you know how small the average scannerbed is--mine is 8.69" x 11"--so only smaller drawings need apply for my online showings. But these 5 from 1996 are in the 20" x 24" range and now that I've discovered the hide-out of the photos, they will be debuted in the Secret Moon Art Gallery one by one. Drop back for more, if you wish!

After all, 1996 was a pretty good year in many respects especially when you compare it to how things are going in the world since the New Millenium--an over-hyped illusion of grandeur, if there ever was one.

Yet still...we must Cosmic On, so Enjoy!

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