Monday, December 07, 2009

Julia Howe tune w Rob Howe Christmas Art~video!

A dreamily beautiful tune by Julia Howe blended with Christmas Art Work by Rob Howe make this synthesis of Art & Sound a must for YouTube embedment here in my Secret Moon Art gallery. I couldn't resist and if you're yet to view and listen, you'll be thanking me for the shout-out. So...

...enjoy 3 minutes and 46 seconds of Joy from a brilliantly creative pair!


Disclaimer: this blog artist/author has no connection whatsoever to the artists here described, the Howes. I just think the Video Art and Song are perfect for our harrowing times - why not chillax for a few moments! You deserve it.

It helps to read a children's book. Preferrably read it to a small child (or two) but for Yourself Only is good, too.