Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cosmic Persona Designs gals visit Secret Moon Art

It's February 11, 2012, and for some unknown reason, Anne, Sybil, and Maeve are visiting Secret Moon Art today though I have no idea why since portraits such as theirs tend to turn up more often in my mildly adult-themed Cosmic Persona Designs collection of illustrations!

Perhaps they slipped by me while I was busily working on my entry into Sketchbook Project 2012...hmmm?

Or maybe the gals are here as reps for the (often secretive) Moon which, in Astrology, signifies women or a woman!

Art Note: My other Art Collections may include:

Cosmic Lilith Art, the chocolaty flavorings of Sepia Art Theater,
and Jude Cowell's Art Shop where you're cordially invited to drop in whenever you may!

Plus, you may wish to check out these Creative Places & People:

Shelli Pabis Photography (my friend of several years), hand-dyed yarns from Spring Tree Road (my fiberista daughter Maya!), and my long-published cousin, author Donny Seagraves. All of us are based in Georgia but you know what 'they say'...y'all come!

So if, like me way down in Georgia, you've ever wondered what it's like working at NYC's wonderful Agora Art Gallery, please allow Karin to fill you in on what it's like working at the gallery direct from an insider's perspective!