Saturday, March 10, 2018

You've seen the new Portrait of Darcy Darling!

Here's a new entry into my Fine Art America portfolio of browsable images: Portrait of Darcy Darling (chillaxing at home!! )...

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Saturday, March 03, 2018

11 Planets - an incomplete drawing

March 3, 2018: an incomplete version of a new drawing 11 Planets created especially for Secret Moon Art!

You're cordially invited to have yourself a browse 24/7 - mosey through my Fine Art America portfolio of 20 images!

Artist Choice: desire a modestly priced yet fanciful image of my work? Why not Art Greeting Cards?

Or this coffee or tea mug sporting a Black-striped butter fish of Western Australian waters floating in his dream scenario!

And speaking of hot beverages...

One of my favorite Abe Lincoln quotes: "If this is tea bring me coffee, if this is coffee, bring me tea." Who can lose with such an amusing attitude? Or perhaps he was bemused!

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And: The Secret Contained in the Number Eleven by yours truly with reference to popular Netflix show Stranger Things and the character Eleven.