Monday, February 13, 2023

A Portrait of Polly's Perspective!

by Jude Cowell

Although many moons have passed, my Portrait of Polly's Perspective, a simple pencil drawing on white paper, is finally completed for your consideration!

Inside scoop: Her expression suggests something of a throwback to my past days as high school newpaper cartoonist, and Polly's unusual point of view as depicted in this pencil portrait reminds me of my own views when the principal of my school vetoed my more, shall we say, political cartoons.

In other words, Mr. Hmhmhm basically turned the high school cartoonist into a Caspar Milquetoast via censorship, so that Fight the Power leanings of the 1960s were successfully squelched.

Yet all these years later, we find that Polly retains her own ideas!

So for political ideas and topics discussed through the excellent lens of Astrology, join me at Stars Over Washington where I attempt to translate astrologese into English, and you're free to agree or take issue as you may!