Thursday, June 20, 2019

New! Constellation Orion and the Full Moon

A certain constellation sparkled directly overhead at the moment of my birth and it often turns up prominently or subtly within my cosmic drawings of the night sky. Here's a 'starry night drawing' for you that I'm calling Constellation Orion and the Full Moon:

You're cordially invited to browse a variety of drawings in my fine or not so fine Art Portfolio if you wish by visiting Fine Art America!

Monday, June 10, 2019

Roxy's Red Room returns!

Once upon a time, yours truly maintained an online art gallery full of my pencil-on-paper creations called Cosmic Persona Designs. Then one day google censorship became tiresome and passe so I shuttered the collection of quite innocent yet fanciful figure studies--some with my 'Boudoir Blossoms' imprint, some known as 'Chiffonery Art'--so that now only breezes waft and browse their way through the gallery's empty corridors, its links leading nowhere, its promise unfulfilled.

But today a return of Roxy's Red Room is in progress here at Secret Moon Art and hopefully a vision of Roxy won't ruffle any viewer's sensitive feathers or chide their admirable modesty!

So for those who dare have a's Roxy's Red Room: