Wednesday, September 12, 2012

'Saturn Rising' now a cosmic keepsake box!

Though I've been so-o-o busy typing up the Oct-Nov-Dec 2012 issue of Stars Over Washington Monthly, today I took a break long enough to create a wooden keepsake box with one of my cosmic designs on top, Saturn Rising. So what do you think? It should be good for Capricorns like me for hiding away a few secret items, right?

Update 9.28.12: the 2nd issue of Stars Over Washington Monthly is now available for subscription and will be electronically delivered to your Inbox on the evening of Saturday September 29, 2012, if you so desire. This issue (Oct-Nov-Dec 2012) is offered at a Special Holiday Price of $15US (regularly $18) and addresses the October debates, Election Day 2012 (including our traditional First Vote at midnight in Dixville Notch, NH), the Solar and Lunar Eclipses of November, Winter Solstice 2012, and the closing of 2012 by the light of a Full Moon on December 28 (horoscope shown, as are those of both eclipses and the Winter Solstice with its difficult YOD patterns.)

With all the 4th quarter's cosmic and political events and synchronicities, this may be the one issue of SOWM you won't want to miss! To subscribe simply go to Stars Over Washington and click the link at the top of the sidebar.

Or, go directly to the sign-up form here and add your email address. Payment is through Amazon Payments and is a one-off charge for Issue 2 which contains 3 months' worth of astro-details with horoscopes set for Washington DC..

Thanks a bunch and here's wishing you an early Happy Holidays, Everyone!

Jude Cowell