Monday, March 28, 2011

Oldie-But-Moldie Art? Yes, a Moonlighter returns!

Pencil portrait of a Moonlighter of Western Australia by Jude Cowell of Athens, Georgia USA. All rights reserved (c) 2011

Not the usual fare here on Secret Moon Art yet the little fellow floated in from Dreamyfish Art just as I was sweeping up for the day...

And if you'd care to view this Moonlighter as an art print - with all the great magnifying features of - try this link which may take an hour or so to update.

Good-bye for now!

jc 7:30 pm edt

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Gladiolas in Moonlight for an early Spring 2011!

Gladiolas in Moonlight seems quite an appropriate image for Secret Moon Art today considering our recent and lovely early Spring weather!


Art Alert 3.3.11: a new art print has been added today in my Jude Cowell Art Shop @ Zazzle, if you'd like to mosey over. Title: Lilith in Fringe Bikini. See? Spring is busting out all over!

Also, my latest art blog, Cosmic Lilith Art, is now open for public viewing.

And if you're wondering where you can find a science-y/poem-y blog, you may wish to try Woolly Mammoth Chronicles just for fun, w Science News & videos complimentary.

Plus, botanical fish portraits are always viewable @ Dreamyfish Art along with Marine News, videos, & more. jc