Wednesday, October 28, 2009

meander down Blue Winter's Path

Blue Winter's Path will be here soon...

Come browse my Fine Art America Portfolio of drawings before the snows set in!


Update Dec 21, 2009: my excellent friend, libramoon, has penned a few lines of lovely wintry prose to go with the above scene...I turn you over to libramoon:

Traveling eternal twilight's hidden path
ever verging on ecstatic realization
touch to cold, to wisping snow, to winter
dreams barely beneath faith-scented falling sky
echoing life, sending faint refrain from shadow
beyond the winds of winter's night.

Visit libramoon's e-zine Emerging Visions for cosmically inspired Art and amazing flash Poetry!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Are mature artists welcome in the World of Art?

Is it more convenient for the world of Art and art auction houses if mature artists simply retire from their creative pursuits and fade fade away?

Still Prime Time? discusses the topic of artists' later works with Picasso as a prime example of what can happen when creative people dare to age and paint.

Does their work even hold up as being purchase-worthy?

Is the market for their efforts diluted by their extended availability?

Well, read the article for more details, but I say that humankind doesn't create Art as much as use it to express who we really are inside. And I didn't realize there were limitations on it because I thought we were meant to become more of who we are as our lives go on.

Actually some artists, famous and otherwise, use their involvement in the creative process - whatever medium they prefer - as a way of transcending life's difficulties such as illness, lack of resources, a dearth of love, a lonely know - human problems. And if the world presents someone who wishes to purchase such artwork, who are auction houses or galleries to stop them? Should anyone's age be a factor in the transaction if the eyes are satisfied?

Okay, I'm babbling, and didn't expect to become this animated about the topic. Must be my middle-agedness speaking through a lifelong habit of drawing for which I will not apologize!

So whether you like my creations or not, I shall go on creating them, for not to transcribe the visualized images in my brain onto paper is more of a nuisance than to perpetrate whatever forms a blank sheet of paper conjures...such as this old favorite, Moonrise at the Crossroads, just in time for Oct 7, 2009's 160th anniversary of the mysterious death of Edgar Allan Poe.

Oh! and Halloween approacheth you know.

Then, if you can take a bit of Poetry with your Art, here's a fresh rhyme just published today titled, An Ode to Readers of Poe, so curl up with your wine or tea cup - or your wine in a tea cup - and think of Edgar Allan Poe, Father of the Modern Detective Novel.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

A Private Art Show for SkyWriter Readers!

Here are 7 drawings with astrological flavorings by Jude Cowell - you'll see that #5 is my illustration of the Sabian Symbol for 12 Cancer: 1. Pattillo Armadillo and the Dream of Green (children's book cover) 2. Diluvian Flux 3. Chiron Returns 2027-28 4. Neptune Ascends 5. A Chinese Woman Nursing a Baby with a Message 6. Lonely Wanderer (leaves his cave to share The Light) 7. Timeless Path (city Merit Award recipient, 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games) Click an image to enlarge: So who's Pattillo Armadillo? His dummy book was under consideration in 2004 a New York publishing house, but his hero's journey North didn't quite fit their list at that time. Kudos for the illustrations though! Many thanks to you, Donna Cunningham, and your SkyWriter readers for browsing my Astrology-tinged Cosmic and Moon Art drawings! Jude Cowell 10.1.09 @7:40 pm edt All images copyrighted by artist 2009+