Monday, December 16, 2019

New! 3 Fanciful Ladies of Fashion!

This quick sketch '3 Fanciful Ladies of Fashion' falls within my Fanciful Figure Studies category!

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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

A Portrait of Muriel Higgins

October 23, 2019: here's a view of a fanciful figure study,

A Portrait of Muriel Higgins:

Pardon! In this scan Muriel looks a bit faded out which is an unfortunate feature of my scanner now placed on a belly-up watch. Any day now it will go belly up and I'll return to an HP printer-scanner, the brand I never should have left!

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Thursday, October 03, 2019

Review: Marilyn Hagar's 'Finding the Wild Inside'

Predator at Dusk; pencil on black paper by Jude Cowell

Having received a graciously provided advance copy of Marilyn Kay Hagar's new book Finding the Wild Inside a book review seems in order and what better spot for such a review than Secret Moon Art where I plop many of my drawings, most of which are done on black paper since the mysterious darkness of the paper makes finding and releasing artful wildness more possible! In fact, many scenes depicted in my drawings are actually images from my dreams, images that drift up from the subconscious mind, and so naturally Marilyn's Finding the Wild Inside spoke to me on that and on several other levels.


For you see, author Marilyn Hagar is a registered expressive arts therapist with years of training and experience and she has written a book that leads readers on a journey to wholeness and healing through honoring the feminine within and listening to our intuition and deepest instincts for these are the valuable things that modern culture has taught us to ignore and neglect. Yet we neglect at our own peril so, for anyone who wishes to reclaim - or perhaps discover for the first time - a sense of wonder and joy, Finding the Wild Inside may be used as a 'road map' or a template that, if followed, leads one to use dreams, art via drawing, painting, or other, plus, a deepening connection to Mother Nature as viable paths toward renewal and a sense of balance.

All through the book are sprinkled Marilyn's own artwork beginning in childhood which I find curiously affecting on an emotional and psychological level as the various stages of life are met, navigated, and explained with Marilyn's deft touch. Childhood, education, marriage, raising children, and caring for aging parents while dealing with siblings are phases of life that most women (and men) face during their life times and all phases have their innate difficulties, some more than others.

Often difficult phases, events, and responsibilities are made harder to navigate by the 'splitting' of our psyches as described by Carl Jung and other psychologists, and the basic need this creates for self-actualization and the process of individuation, so how to successfully deal with this need? One way is to accept Marilyn Hagar's invitation to readers to come along with her on her own journey which she reveals with humor, insight, dream interpretation, and art. For, thanks to modern society, the 'split' between our conscious and unconscious minds has gone too far, become toxic, and has caused many people to feel lost, confused, or simply numb.

Therefore, making our way back to humanity's instinctual connection with Nature is a must and so I highly recommend Finding the Wild Inside for those who could use an experienced guide to smooth a life path and provide encouragement along the way toward healing, wholeness, and a newfound sense of joy!

Finding the Wild Inside release date October 22, 2019; pre-order paperback or Kindle version by following the Amazon link above!

Jude Cowell October 3, 2019

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Sneak a peek at a Rain Tree with Fairy!

At last, Rain Tree with Fairy has returned to Secret Moon Art and this may beg the question, does anyone ever know when or where mystical tree fairies might turn up?

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Saturday, July 06, 2019

A fanciful Portrait of a Fool

Here's a somewhat psychedelic example of what can happen when I draw on white paper, Portrait of a Fool:

Thursday, June 20, 2019

New! Constellation Orion and the Full Moon

A certain constellation sparkled directly overhead at the moment of my birth and it often turns up prominently or subtly within my cosmic drawings of the night sky. Here's a 'starry night drawing' for you that I'm calling Constellation Orion and the Full Moon:

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Monday, June 10, 2019

Roxy's Red Room returns!

Once upon a time, yours truly maintained an online art gallery full of my pencil-on-paper creations called Cosmic Persona Designs. Then one day google censorship became tiresome and passe so I shuttered the collection of quite innocent yet fanciful figure studies--some with my 'Boudoir Blossoms' imprint, some known as 'Chiffonery Art'--so that now only breezes waft and browse their way through the gallery's empty corridors, its links leading nowhere, its promise unfulfilled.

But today a return of Roxy's Red Room is in progress here at Secret Moon Art and hopefully a vision of Roxy won't ruffle any viewer's sensitive feathers or chide their admirable modesty!

So for those who dare have a's Roxy's Red Room:

Monday, May 20, 2019

New! A Portrait of Claryssa Owen

May 20, 2019: The recent acquisition of a new drafting table (glass-topped, quite industrial looking) has inspired a new drawing in my fanciful figure studies series!

Introducing A Portrait of Claryssa Owen: