Thursday, July 27, 2006

High Priestess v2

This will be the final version of High Priestess esp since she's just a mock up of a possibility!

You'll see v1 is just below.

7.27.06 11:45 am


Sit a spell! Visit Lim's Limericks for groanworthily offensive Political Limericks plus some dinner ideas--such as what NOT to do with that left over Sardine Sauce!

Monday, July 24, 2006

High Priestess v1

A certain person put a bug in my ear concerning Tarot Art and here's the first installment of a possible Tarot Deck...just a quick rendition actually, and about 2/3 completed. Comments encouraged!

7.24.06 5:28 pm Secret Moon Art Creative Commons Lic 2.5 Attribution-NoDeriv


Mosey over to Cosmic Persona Designs to see a newly-posted art representation of "12 Cancer" from the Sabian Symbols pantheon. It's not really a pantheon...I just wanted to end the sentence with the word, pantheon.

"12Can": "A Woman Nursing a Baby with a Message" and archetypally it puts one in mind of the Dalai Lama. But also of Baby Jesus on whom all other archetypes were based whether they knew/know it or not.

7.24.06 11:40 pm


Friday, July 21, 2006

Rainy Tree v1

Here's a new drawing begun earlier this week. You can see there's still a good bit of black background showing so I've got a lot to do to complete this one! You may ID three planetary symbols hidden about somewhere.

And a forest fairy has alighted in a nook...we'll see if any other fairies show up as things progress... . .

7.21.06 11:17 pm edt


Secret Moon v5 (final)

At last--the final version with all colors added! You don't have to scroll far to see earlier versions...

jc 7.21.06 11:04 pm


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Night Scene of the Secret Moon v4

Near Final version here...scroll down a bit to see earlier versions.

7.19.06 8:16 pm edt


Minerva's Glen

Here's Minerva's Glen (aka, Owl of Minerva) with Owl coming in for a landing. This drawing was originally perpetrated for my dummybook of Pattillo Armadillo who went to NYC but didn't satisfy the Little, Brown editors or their list. One may always blame "the list" for the particular season! And yet a ms must also have some coherence--yet still be unique--to be on a list with other works. It must fit in but stand out. Sabian Symbol "5Sag"> "A Wise Old Owl Up in a Tree." We each have "5 Sagittarius" somewhere in our charts. Where is yours? Disclosure: Mine is in natal 3rd house and is the round-up position of Chiron. 7.19.06 7:48 pm edt

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Night Scene of the Secret Moon v3 of 5

There's a v4 on the way, but for now, there's this... . . .

And please visit Jfay's site Studio 3B for Candles with Attitude...designed and created fresh for You!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Night Scene of the Secret Moon

Number 1v1...fairies showed up uninvited, but I suppose they generally would.

And what is a 'secret moon'? There are Black Moons, three Liliths (which at least one may be referred to as Black Moon Lilith) plus you'll see mentions of Dark Moons such as 'dark moon w'mat2' and such in Astrology. Yet Astrology is a language which DESCRIBES these things--it doesn't perpetrate them. Opposite our physical Moon is a dark point in space--a non-Moon...exactly where the Moon is not...and most definitely an unconscious, hidden point.

Then there's the dark phase of the moon--the New Moon when the Sun and Moon catch up with each other and no light reflects from our satellite Moon. This is the beginning of the most basic cycle we know--the Sun's consciousness + Moon's unconsciousness-->Sun = adult personality, and Moon = childhood, or even "the divine child" within.

The Moon's position in your natal chart describes genetic inheritance in a fundamental way and tells about your reigning needs. Then one may translate these factors into archetypal images and myths under which we all must labor. The Moon is tribal...the astrological Moon is the Mother archetype and the nurturing principle. And so she has connections to Ecology and to our Mother, Earth.

The Collective Unconscious is very active in the world today and we especially see CETUS the Whale lifted up in many ways--a constellation's myth which is connected to Jonah and the Whale--recalcitrant Jonah who refused to Say What Should Be Said.

...and someone speaking the truth would be refreshing for a change, wouldn't it?

Speak it if you know it!

7.15.06 4:43 pm edt


Liminal Limericks from the Collective Unconscious may be investigated at Lim's Limericks by A.Cat featuring a pinch of hopeful humor tossed in as a garnish!

Jimson Weed and Moss

Posting the final version of this drawing with moonlight affecting the scene but no apparent fairies visible. And moss is a favorite 'round here!

7.15.06 1:28 pm edt


Friday, July 14, 2006

Jimson Weed in Moonlight

Here's a detail from the drawing...will post the entire image as soon as it's done.


Secret Moon Art goes LIVE at last!

This gallery will contain drawings of forests, flowers, fairies and stuff, and any other image I care to post for your consideration!

Note of Assurance: No Prismacolor Oil or Rexel Derwent Watercolour pencils were harmed in the drawing of these designs...other than sharpening, if you want to count that.

jude cowell (c)2006 7.14.06 6:30 pm edt