Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Minerva's Glen

Here's Minerva's Glen with Owl coming in for a landing. This drawing was originally perpetrated for my dummybook of Pattillo Armadillo who went to NYC but didn't satisfy the Little, Brown editors or their list. One may always blame "the list" for the particular season--usually twice a year inside the more traditional dino-sauwahs of the publishing "world". It's always a "world," isn't it?

And yet a ms must also have some coherence--and still be unique--to be on a list with other works. It must fit in but stand out. Kahpeesh?

Sabian Symbol "5Sag"> "A wise old owl up in a tree." We each have "5 Sagittarius" somewhere in our charts. Where is yours? Disclosure: Mine is in 3rd house natally.

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I have a Jfay-created Candle and can tell you that few artisans do such a fine can tell when an artist is at work and loves it!

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