Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Secret Moon Art says, Happy New Year 2011!

Happy New Year to All!

Well, today is December 28, 2010 and with 2011 soon upon us Secret Moon Art offers a thankful and bubbly toast to all its viewers, visitors, and discriminating art supporters - you're the best!

Waiting round the January 1, 2011 bend is a Solar Eclipse on January 4, 2011 @ 13Cap38 which 'eclipses' my natal Sun. As you know, eclipses are considered 'wild cards' in Astrology (well, in life actually!) so there's no certainty how having a Solar Eclipse for my birthday will play out for the erstwhile artist and blogger who types at you now.

One thing I do know: 2011 will be an important year in some fashion for me personally and it remains to be seen just how. What to expect? Well, 'wild card' evokes similar vibes as those of quirky planet Uranus in a horoscope so 'expect the unexpected' may be my best personal prognostication for the moment!


Astro-Notes: Opposing our nation's natal Sun (the leader), the Solar Eclipse 13Cap38 of Jan 4, 2011 is part of the 13 North Series whose initial eclipse occurred on August 14, 1776 @ 21Leo52 with Jupiter 14Can40 conjunct US natal Sun. It is closely associated with the founding of America and its energy has these particular influences:

large groups and associations; ambitious group projects that require the breaking of an existing bond which leads to shared success; separation, then joint achievement. (Paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

Compared to what our nation has experienced in the last decade, this eclipse's influence could be a lot worse, couldn't it? And manifesting so near New Years Day, the eclipse will 'mark' the entire year of 2011 so I sincerely hope it bodes well for our nation and for the world because we could all use a fortunate break about now.


Image above: Celebrate! by Jude Cowell whose latest blog Cosmic Lilith Art is now under construction for the New Year! Celebrate! was originally drawn for the New Year in honor of the New Millennium and has been serving festively online ever since. jc

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