Thursday, December 09, 2010

Blue Winter's Path now a greeting card!

So if you're anything like me, December tends to be a very busy month in the real world and it isn't always easy to find blogging or Art time.

Yet today I did manage to place my drawing Blue Winter's Path into my Zazzle Art Shop as a greeting card so don your mittens and have yourself a meander down Blue Winter's Path, or send an image of it along to a friend, if you wish.

Because last I heard, the US Postal Service is still in the business of delivering greeting cards if the effort is made and a stamp attached! Plus, you'll find other cards and stuff at Zazzle as well, so why not have a browse?

With the December 21, 2010 Winter Solstice (and Lunar Eclipse) soon upon us, it all makes me feel brrr-ish just thinking about it...for I do love falling snowflakes served with cups of hot cocoa sipped by the fire! You too? ;p

Above image: a snippet from Blue Winter's Path (c) 2010.

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