Sunday, October 17, 2010

Moonrise at the Crossroads now an art poster!

In time for Halloween 2010 and as per request, Moonrise at the Crossroads is now available to you as a 19" x 15" Bronze Matte UV wall art poster!

So does this drawing fall into the 'Spooky Art' category or is it simply another in my long line of Moon and Cosmic Art illustrations? I shall leave it for you to decide...


An Art Note: my original signature and imprints ~ Unscene World and Secret Moon Art ~ are visible at the bottom of this image. If you prefer that my hand lettering disappear from the art poster of 'Moonrise at the Crossroads' please convo me at: judecowell at gmail dot com with your request and I will upload a newer version to Jude Cowell Art Shop which will, however, crop off a small portion of the drawing. Thanks! jc

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