Thursday, October 07, 2010

A Fairy's Secret Valley

Today a new drawing for you so you may meander down a secluded path in A Fairy's Secret Valley!

Yet because Secret Moon Art isn't exclusively for Fairy Art (or Faerie Art, if you prefer), I went wandering about on your behalf and discovered some lovely Fairy Art sites for ethereal perusal such as Fairy, Art by Sarah Pittman, and some free-to-use Fairy clip art which may be found at Karen Whimsy's site.

Related is the Sur La Lune Fairy Tale Blog, a treat for eyes and minds!

And of course, if you wish a journey to view the transcendental artwork of one of America's premiere Visionary Artists you simply can never go off-path with Mr. Gilbert Williams, an early inspiration of mine.

Now I feel a bit sheepish admitting it, but somewhere packed away I have a book of his paintings which was published quite a few moons ago - and when I locate it one day, you might be able to hear my woot! all the way from Georgia!

Oh where can it be? Perhaps the pink fairies purloined it...


sarah said...

Thank you so much for the mention, and thank you for stopping by my blog

Jude Cowell said...
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Jude Cowell said...

Sarah, you're very welcome - i love your Art! Jude

astrology2horoscopes said...

hmm, just ran across another of your sites, and was wondering if "cosmic lilith" is a self-portrait. for some unknown reason, i prefer "faerie" (maybe from the absinthe ads).

you mentioned the beatles in atlanta in '65, which took me back to memphis (my home) '66. what a riot that was, tickets were 5.50!

anyway, the city passed an ordinance that the beatles were "not welcome"! could anyone believe it? had to do with john's statement that, he didn't know if rock n roll or christianity would die first. of course, he apologized right away, but KIDS were burning beatles albums in the streets! that would be sacrilege, now.

sometimes i miss those heady days.

Jude Cowell said...

Hi Ingrid, no i don't consider any of my drawings to be self-portraits though i wish some were (perhaps in my salad days, a little.)

What i remember John saying (the day he said it) and what i always thought the media and others took completely wrong is (paraphrasing): The Beatles are more famous than Jesus Christ.

It was taken as a boast but i didn't hear it as such or ever think that that was his intention - he sounded rather disbelieving to my ears. He could just as easily have meant that the band's out-of-bounds popularity was amazing/lamentable/a modern development in society/a sign of religion's slipping in its importance to people, etc - and that Christ was (is) more important to the world than a rock'n'roll band - or should be.

So you saw them in Memphis? Our Atlanta tickets were also $5.50!! jc