Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Purple trillium, a botanical drawing

Here's a close-up of my drawing, Purple trillium and yes, I know trillium usually grow in clumps but I wanted my drawing to feature the little fellow in his own cosmically inspired portrait...fairy visitor is complimentary!

This drawing displays my usual and favorite artistic blend of real (flower) with imaginary (fairy and scenery) so if you speak astrologese, you'll know it's a Saturn/Neptune kind of thing. Right?


cjwright said...

Hi, Jude.

My trilliums are up and thriving, so I had to see if you had painted any. Lo and behold! Here she is, our little triple goddess flower. It's a gorgeous painting!

Happy Early Spring


Jude Cowell said...

CJ, thanks so much! Glad you have lovely trilliums so early--if a fairy should show up, will you please let me know? ;p Jude