Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Primula vialii says, 'view Jude's Zazzle Art Shop'

Here's a small clump of Primula vialii swaying under the moonlight with a fairy visitor nearby...

And be sure to check out my brand new Art Shop at Zazzle when you feel an Art browse coming on.

There you'll find Dreamyfish Wall Art Posters at the moment, and you're welcome to use Zazzle's spiffy Customize It! button to morph my designs into whatever products you wish...just click on the image you'd like to work with and Voila! we're design buds!

Cosmic, Moon, and Fairy images are coming to my Zazzle Shop very soon, so do check back often with a hopeful gleam in your aesthetically sensitive eye...

Jude Cowell 9.29.09

All Art copyrighted 2009+ so please play nice.

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