Friday, October 07, 2011

A 'Hidden Garden' as Wrapped Art Canvas...

My drawing Hidden Garden looks rather at home as a wrapped Art Canvas, yes? I can see it in a child's room or a solarium room. They do still make solarium rooms, right? Or is the phrase too politically sensitive these days?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

'Predator in Blue' now an Art Print!

My drawing 'Predator in Blue' is shown here as a customizable Art Print for cat lovers of a wilder variety. Rrraowr-r-r-rrrr!

Now please pay very little if any attention to the 'cowelljude' title on my Jude Cowell Art Shop @ Zazzle. You see, when the shop was opened, the sign-up process wouldn't allow me to use 'judecowell' for some mysterious reason so I had to make a quick decision and ended up with a silly user name for my Zazzle account!

It's still just me though, drawing on paper with colored pencils in Georgia...


Click the Begin selling my art online link to sign up with Zazzle youself and offer your own Art for Sale. I mean, if you're an artist, why not? And leave a comment here with your Shop link if you do, okay? I'd love to visit and browse! jc

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

'Purple Pansies' by Jude Cowell w Spinning Art Cube

Have you seen my drawing of Purple Pansies somewhere before? Maybe you have here, there, or...perhaps as the banner image for my Zazzle Art Shop, mmm-m-m?

Well, don't go art browsing there yet!

First, please try to spy Purple Pansies on one panel of a 6-sided spinning Time Capsule Art Cube from 1996. Cosmic drawings are included so you can see what my pencils were up to in those olden days.

Spying Hint: you'll see more of the stone stairs from the drawing above and less of the pansies. C'est la vie!


Please remember that your Comments & child-safe Art Links are always welcome here @ Secret Moon Art. jc


You might also like: Stars Over Washington where I peek under the hood of Politics and politicians using Astrology as the excellent lens it is.

Fair Warning: tiptoe gingerly for there are huge gaggles of varmints, gangsters, charlatans, and stinging pests underneath the political rocks of Washington DC...

Plus, there's a Food and Diet article I published just today concerning the Raphanus sativa if you dare!

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

World Drawing Day June 4, 2011: join in!

Such good news for those among us who love to draw!

Upload your artwork to the Drawing Day site on June 4, 2011 to be included in an online gallery and a chance to have your work published in the Drawing Day book. Being as prolific as I be, it's a bit of a head-scratcher to decide which image to upload - Children's, Botanical, or Adult themed? Perhaps something botanical from my Dreamyfish Art collection? Or should it be a freshly drawn offering?

Options, You've Got Options

Now you may prefer various options such as checking out the Drawing Day *FaceBook page, or using DrawPlus software by Serif for creating your entry in a spiffy way. Me, I'm old school: colored pencils on paper, and drawing for the love of it (since I could hold a pencil, age 2 1/2. Keeping enough paper on hand for a kid who loves to draw is a real challenge for parents, isn't it?)

Another idea is using YouTube to upload a video of your very self caught in the act of drawing, perpetrating in the light of day, revealing your chops for the whole world to see.

Now the goal of Drawing Day is the creation of one million drawings around the world on June 4, and I hope you'll plan to join in with the happy drawing throng!


*Pardon me for not providing you a link to the Drawing Day FaceBook page.

Months ago I closed my FB account though they retain my info so my connection to FB isn't truly broken, much to my annoyance. (It feels as if FB is holding my content hostage.) Yet you may still find a member or two occasionally linking there to my Political Astrology articles or perhaps to some bit of artwork.

Besides the myriad of security concerns about FaceBook's access to our private information, I became alarmed earlier this year upon hearing news reports that Russia and Goldman-Sachs were considering a FB buy-in.

Whether or not this became or will become the case, it shows how we put ourselves at risk to shady entities whenever we participate on the FaceBook site and the daftness of allowing any social network site complete access to information which should be under our personal control. The US government won't protect us - they're in cahoots! jc

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Emerging Visions May 2011 issue: Mad Majicks!

Fantastic! Good news has arrived: the May 2011 issue of Emerging Visions has dropped!

This issue has a mystical Mad Majicks theme with fabulously creative flash poetry included so do check it out at your leisure.

Above you see a small slice of my offering for the May 2011 art-zine #20 where the complete image of 'Shroom Trio may be viewed.


Friday, May 20, 2011

Be advised that Troubles Can Swim!

Troubles Can Swim, a Neptune-inspired illustration touting moderation in all things, as drawn by Jude Cowell.