Sunday, April 03, 2022

Twyla's Toilette undone then complete!

April 3, 2022

Guess it's something of a secret here on Secret Moon Art but originally I had created this Art Gallery with a plan to share my drawings in progress, then add the completed version of the same illustration. And some of them were published here just that way although not always in the same post, or even with a link to the completed version (mah bad!).

So as an example today, I'm putting together two versions of 'Twyla's Toilette' and adding a link to a different drawing, 'Analise', which was displayed in just such a manner. If the comparison shows nothing else, perhaps it suggests the foibles, the fun, and the process of perpetrating drawings on black paper!

First, here's Twyla's Toilette very obviously incomplete and rather on the ghostly side:

Now here's Twyla's completed portrait (looking more lively, I think!):

Then if you're up for it, here's a link to two versions of one of my fanciful figure studies titled, a 'Portrait of Analise'!

So what do you think, dear art viewer?

Is "ghostly" the right word for the incomplete images? One reason it may be is because black paper is known for contributing a certain spiritual or mystical quality to artwork, don't you agree? And layers of color must be built up as if bringing the image up through layers of the Unconscious!

Or at least, that's how the process feels to me when I'm attempting to create designs for your viewing pleasure. And besides: browsing artwork is good for you, y'know!

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