Thursday, May 06, 2010

How about an Artful visit to an 'Isle of Ruins' ?

Isle of Ruins by Jude Cowell (c) Unscene World 2010+

This posting of Isle of Ruins is a 'noble re-publish' of one of my cosmic-themed drawings from 1996. After a morning of blogging @ my Political Astrology blog Stars Over Washington concerning proposed financial reform and Senator Bernie Sanders' amendment to Audit the Fed, the image of America in ruins is freshly imprinted on my mind and heart.

For as I've always blogged: forget the 'Ds vs Rs' - America is my only nag in the race!

Then there's my Scottish friend, astrologer Anne Whitaker and her family who recently sojourned on the magical Isle of Iona which I hear is an amazingly gorgeous and peaceful spot of great antiquity!

Here's a photo of a rocky Iona shoreline which Anne kindly sent along to me and yes, Anne, this Georgian is a little envious of your trip to such lovely and historic environs!


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Anne Whitaker said...

Hi Jude

delighted to have my photo on your beautiful site. Really like the Isle of Ruins' - could easily apply to the UK this morning as we survey our tattered political landscape....

I've put SMA onto my 'Wisps from the dazzling darkness' site.


Anne your Scottish pal

jude cowell said...

yes, Anne, 'congrats' (i think) on your hung parliament.

glad you like Isle of Ruins which i confess did make me think of the UK when i posted it (but more on the economic side than political)!

Jude, writing from Raleigh in a delightfulfully cool breeze on the deck, coffee mug in hand... ;p