Monday, July 24, 2006

High Priestess v1

A certain person put a bug in my ear concerning Tarot Art and here's the first installment of a possible Tarot Deck...just a quick rendition actually, and about 2/3 completed. Comments encouraged!

7.24.06 5:28 pm Secret Moon Art Creative Commons Lic 2.5 Attribution-NoDeriv


Mosey over to Cosmic Persona Designs to see a newly-posted art representation of "12 Cancer" from the Sabian Symbols pantheon. It's not really a pantheon...I just wanted to end the sentence with the word, pantheon.

"12Can": "A Woman Nursing a Baby with a Message" and archetypally it puts one in mind of the Dalai Lama. But also of Baby Jesus on whom all other archetypes were based whether they knew/know it or not.

7.24.06 11:40 pm


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