Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Beautimus! Owl of Minerva pillows

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Okay, so here's the latest Zazzle Merchandise panel from my Jude Cowell Art Shop. Not sure if or when my newest creation--illustration 'Owl of Minerva' as a double-sided throw pillow--will turn up in the panel's slideshow, so check out my art shop whenever you may and browse to your heart's content, 24/7, with no strings attached.

My thought is that an Owl of Minerva pillow is perfect for a child's room, especially one with a magical or botanical theme! And when I have a chance to add to my Zazzle Pillow Gallery, I shall file them in a new Beautimus Pillows folder because that's what I called my designer handsewn line of cushy pillows back in the 1990s!

So look online for 'Beautimus Pillows' by Jude Cowell when your head needs a soft landing or your sofa calls out for a different sort of decorative pillow...


Art Note: Owl of Minerva was previously titled Minerva's Glen and you may see the drawing in full here. Plus, this image is also available as an Art Poster so scroll down a bit for a view and a direct link. Thanks! Jude

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

'Path to an Ancient Temple' by Jude Cowell

Have you ever taken a divergent Path to an Ancient Temple?

Then you confirm my suspicion about you, dear viewer!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cosmic Persona Designs gals visit Secret Moon Art

It's February 11, 2012, and for some unknown reason, Anne, Sybil, and Maeve are visiting Secret Moon Art today though I have no idea why since portraits such as theirs tend to turn up more often in my mildly adult-themed Cosmic Persona Designs collection of illustrations!

Perhaps they slipped by me while I was busily working on my entry into Sketchbook Project 2012...hmmm?

Or maybe the gals are here as reps for the (often secretive) Moon which, in Astrology, signifies women or a woman!

Art Note: My other Art Collections may include:

Cosmic Lilith Art, the chocolaty flavorings of Sepia Art Theater,
and Jude Cowell's Art Shop where you're cordially invited to drop in whenever you may!

Plus, you may wish to check out these Creative Places & People:

Shelli Pabis Photography (my friend of several years), hand-dyed yarns from Spring Tree Road (my fiberista daughter Maya!), and my long-published cousin, author Donny Seagraves. All of us are based in Georgia but you know what 'they say'...y'all come!

So if, like me way down in Georgia, you've ever wondered what it's like working at NYC's wonderful Agora Art Gallery, please allow Karin to fill you in on what it's like working at the gallery direct from an insider's perspective!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Buddha-esque Baby returns: Got Diapers?

Feeling a little nostalgic today, my last day of a 34-year career. Plus, new babies are on my mind so here is a re-posting of my drawing, Buddha-esque Baby...

Does he look serene and wiser than his year?

Still working on my entry for Sketchbook 2012 Project and happily I found out (thanks, Caitlin!) that my sketchbook isn't due until the end of April (because I signed up after November 2, 2011) rather than January 31--quelle relief to find I have more weeks in which to complete the project which at this point is about 2/3 done!

This gives me more time to concentrate on helping with a new baby in the family so hold onto your diapers and pray for serenity, right? ;p


You are cordially invited to visit Jude Cowell Art at Zazzle for leisurely 24/7 art browsing (posters, prints, stretched canvases, greeting cards, etc) whenever you can.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Does Mozart like Sketchbook Project 2012?

Mozart, a pencil portrait by Jude Cowell.

Art Alert!! There has been confusion concerning the deadline for sending in our Arthouse Sketchbook projects so I'm posting an excerpt from the Update I received today:

Reminder: There are two weeks left to work on your Sketchbook for the 2012 Project! Please postmark your book by January 31st, 2012. (If you signed up after November 2nd, you are in the Limited Edition Project and have until April 30th to submit your work.)

My own confusion is almost cleared up for I'm not certain if I signed up before November 2nd or not! (That was last year already...)

Guess I'll just have to complete my Sketchbook over this weekend, mail it in, and hope for the best even though I haven't begun drawing yet--because I thought I had until the end of April. Hope I've not confused anyone else about the correct postmark-by date--if so, I sincerely apologize!

And I'm fairly certain that my favorite classical composer, Mozart, would approve of such a global Art effort and could get any creative project done on time because they formed first in his noodle--well, maybe I can, too!

Happy Drawing Everyone,

Jude the Semi-Confused

Monday, December 05, 2011

Art: a 'Hidden Garden' revealed!

With Winter Solstice 2011 approaching, our days shorten and the long nights grow colder--but my drawing of a Hidden Garden is hereby seen with mossy rocks and leaves tres green!


Now updated: Stars Over Washington. Warning: Politics may be involved...

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Return of "A Night in Celadon Forest" by Jude Cowell

Night in Celadon Forest has returned to Secret Moon Art in honor of the Autumn season. Don't forget your lantern is my best advice!

Plus, there's a Full Moon in Taurus, you know, on Thursday November 10 (2011) at 3:16 pm est so the Taurus/Scorpio energies will be reflected by moonbeams during the evening as they swirl through the cool night air!

Click to view a horoscope of the Full Moon (@ 19Tau) with the chart set for Washington DC, a devilishly Scorpionic spot on Earth if there ever was one. Living there twice in my life taught me that if it taught me nothing else...


All artwork and images are copyrights of pencil artist Jude Cowell, 2011 and beyond.

Media: Prismacolor oil pencils, Rexel Derwent watercolour pencils (dry only) on black paper which allows certain effects that you'll never achieve on white paper, no matter how hard you try! Try it and see what you think, and...

Draw On, Y'all



Other places include SO'W, Jude's Threshold (an astrological reference to Saturn as Guardian of the Threshold to Adventure, and Woolly Mammoth Chronicles.

Any or all of my blogs may contain videos some of which are scientific (word to the wise), musical (hurrah!), or even perspective widening by way of Max Igan presentations. Mr. Igan includes how to deal with today's issues in this time of great confusion.

Not to be missed!

Disclosure: no payments or gifts of any kind have anything to do with what I write or recommend on this blog or on any other. My opinions are my own. jc

Friday, October 07, 2011

A 'Hidden Garden' as Wrapped Art Canvas...

My drawing Hidden Garden looks rather at home as a wrapped Art Canvas, yes? I can see it in a child's room or a solarium room. They do still make solarium rooms, right? Or is the phrase too politically sensitive these days?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

'Predator in Blue' now an Art Print!

My drawing 'Predator in Blue' is shown here as a customizable Art Print for cat lovers of a wilder variety. Rrraowr-r-r-rrrr!

Now please pay very little if any attention to the 'cowelljude' title on my Jude Cowell Art Shop @ Zazzle. You see, when the shop was opened, the sign-up process wouldn't allow me to use 'judecowell' for some mysterious reason so I had to make a quick decision and ended up with a silly user name for my Zazzle account!

It's still just me though, drawing on paper with colored pencils in Georgia...


Click the Begin selling my art online link to sign up with Zazzle youself and offer your own Art for Sale. I mean, if you're an artist, why not? And leave a comment here with your Shop link if you do, okay? I'd love to visit and browse! jc

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

'Purple Pansies' by Jude Cowell w Spinning Art Cube

Have you seen my drawing of Purple Pansies somewhere before? Maybe you have here, there, or...perhaps as the banner image for my Zazzle Art Shop, mmm-m-m?

Well, don't go art browsing there yet!

First, please try to spy Purple Pansies on one panel of a 6-sided spinning Time Capsule Art Cube from 1996. Cosmic drawings are included so you can see what my pencils were up to in those olden days.

Spying Hint: you'll see more of the stone stairs from the drawing above and less of the pansies. C'est la vie!


Please remember that your Comments & child-safe Art Links are always welcome here @ Secret Moon Art. jc


You might also like: Stars Over Washington where I peek under the hood of Politics and politicians using Astrology as the excellent lens it is.

Fair Warning: tiptoe gingerly for there are huge gaggles of varmints, gangsters, charlatans, and stinging pests underneath the political rocks of Washington DC...

Plus, there's a Food and Diet article I published just today concerning the Raphanus sativa if you dare!