Sunday, April 12, 2009

'Shroomhome of Merri Chimes

A view of the 'Shroomhome of Merri Chimes, a drawing done quite some time ago for a children's dummybook which never escaped from my studio.

(A 'dummybook' or 'book dummy' is a mock-up of your children's book effort with text and illustrations, if you have them.)

Titled, Silvery Tree Path, the book concerns Roscoe Woodhouse and other characters who live in the Great Lichen Forest. Merri, one of the Chimes Sisters, lives along Silvery Tree Path as you see and is a songstress along with her sisters in the evenings at the Roasted Root Cafe.

This image is from a photograph of the original rendering which is rather large - appr 20" x 24" - and this particular published version is actually from a scanned slide. So that is what gives it a yellowish tinge here...that and the fact that all Silvery Tree Path illustrations are embossed with silver (aluminum) pencil!


Katrin said...

So intriguing...I want to go in!
And thank you so much for the link to Gems and Jingles!

Jude Cowell said...

Of course, Katrin, I love your online shop and beautiful jewelry!

Come back and sit a spell any time you may, Jude