Sunday, April 08, 2007

Veratrum nigrum

Here's a partial version of my rendering of this lovely perennial with the 'fini version' to be uploaded soon. Let's make do 'til then.

Veratrum's berries range in shades of red-brown to black with leafish foliage that's quite lush, as you can see. The usual Silvery Tree Path is in the background. Silvery Tree Path is my first-ever dummy book created for children.

My second offering, Pattillo Armadillo and the Dream of Green was requested to attend an audience at Little, Brown in NYC and made the trip up North and back South to Georgia just fine. But no contract was clutched between his grabby claws yet he was gratified to interview about his Hero's Journey within the walls of such a prestigious and established publishing house.

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Trine said...

Your plant paintings are so good. In fact I think I have never seen any bad paintings of yours any time. How on earth do you manage that? Well I arrived from gather. Trine

jude cowell said...

Hi Trine, thanks so much for dropping in!

You know how it is with your own paintings--if you have uglies you keep them under lock'n'key lol!

See you at Gather,

;D jude