Monday, January 01, 2007

Poisoned Apples of the world

Happy New Year to All from Secret Moon Art! Here are some words for 2007 with some good and free advice about some poisoned apples I have known and chomped on...
how about you?


Want more art? How about Dreamyfish Art for botanical drawings of tropical fish, or Cosmic Persona Designs for an electic mix of archetypal portraits?

And I'm loathe to inform that there's been a dastardly kitnapping over at Lim's Limericks which mysteriously relates to the former spy-cats who hang about the place blogging...

Plus, you'll find a Mozart tribute with one of my pencil renderings of the Maestro at Stars Over Washington written while the Metropoltican Opera broadcast--in Real Time!--the English version of The Magic Flute all over the world Saturday...Herr Mozart the Ultimate!

Stop by for a schmooze with me at and see what's been harvested and gathered at Gather. Hope to see you there!


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