Wednesday, October 28, 2009

meander down Blue Winter's Path

Blue Winter's Path will be here soon...

Come visit my Zazzle Art Shop before the snows set in!


Update Dec 21, 2009: my excellent friend, libramoon, has penned a few lines of lovely wintry prose to go with the above scene...I turn you over to libramoon:

Traveling eternal twilight's hidden path
ever verging on ecstatic realization
touch to cold, to wisping snow, to winter
dreams barely beneath faith-scented falling sky
echoing life, sending faint refrain from shadow
beyond the winds of winter's night.

Visit libramoon's e-zine Emerging Visions for cosmically inspired Art and amazing flash Poetry!


Donna Cunningham said...

Lovely, just lovely, Jude, and somehow quite fitting for Saturn's ingress into beauty-loving Libra today. Donna Cunningham

jude cowell said...

Why thank you Mizz Donna! As a Sun Cap i dearly love the snowflakes and ice-crystaled trees (until heavy limbs break onto houses and cars, that is! And the power goes off and the hot cocoa runs out...)

Guess i'm just icy Saturn's child, but not too icy i hope, Jude

Amariah said...

I love this!! It is so right up my alley..

jude cowell said...

Why thanks, Amariah! So it's right up your path? ;p