Sunday, December 31, 2006

Keros and the trove of art

Perhaps you've read the story already--archaeologists have uncovered a trove of art statues and more but in shards upon the goat-herd's Isle of Keros in the Aegean.

Keros is near the sacred islet of Delos where the god Apollo is said to have been born. The islands are in the Cyclades chain and although Keros has been looted there were some 1,400 shards left alone for just such an archaeological team 2006.

No one is sure yet what the cult on Keros involved but they can tell that the figurines were broken on purpose--and a very long time ago.

So you know you didn't do it, and neither did I. Whew!

Statues Provide Clues on Greek Island has more info on this exciting find in the art world as the earth gives up her treasures!


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