Friday, August 20, 2010

The Existential Gardening of Layla Morgan Wilde

Not being a photographer any longer, I possess no garden photos of my own to publish here but writer Layla Morgan Wilde certainly does.

Her feature I Garden, Therefore I Am is an organic marvel unto itself, and if you appreciate discovering an isle of calm in the midst of a crazy world, Layla's feature is not to be missed.

Photo Collages always tend to catch my attention, too, of course, and multi-talented Layla has perfectly captured images and words of August's fading summer moments within a gilt-edged frame which will delight both viewer and reader!

Meanwhile, this particular SMA entry needs gracing with a photo or two of its own, something garden-y, botanical, seasonal. How about a couple from my photographer daughter Maya Henderson?

As you may know, Maya is an online fiberista who hand-spins, paints, and dyes all manner of wool and fluff into fabulous skeins of yarns for special knitting projects. How fortuitous that she can use her way with a camera to showcase the color-drenched yarns offered in her etsy shop. Yarn colors are morphing there just like the seasons!

Grapes (July 2009)

Bees of Atlanta (July 2010)

Oh, how about one more snap before summer ends altogether? Perhaps something less focused and...evergreen, a personal favorite of mine!

Cedar with Raindrops

all photos: copyright Maya Henderson
all writing and art on this blog: copyright Jude Cowell


Layla Morgan Wilde said...

Jude, Wow, thanks so much for featuring me. I found this by chance(is there such a thing?) Wished you would have let me know in advance.

jude cowell said...

You're very welcome, Layla, i hoped you get a referral link or two and find out that way!

Sneaky Jude