Thursday, June 17, 2010

'Liberty Cries' collage now an Art Poster for your wall!

This is something new to try: posting the image of my newest Art Poster @ Zazzle created from my paper collage, Liberty Cries.

Please pardon all the links you see here for they 'came along' with the image code!

And the reason it says 'cowelljude' is that Zazzle insisted that 'judecowell' and other forms of my name were already taken when I set up my Zazzle Art Shop in 2009.

So be it. Maybe I'll run into me one day...



libramoon said...

In this time of cosmic changes,
the theme is "Starry Desires"
Retire war mentality; find
inspiration in the stars.
Show us what you desire,
what moves you to beauty.

(take your time -- submissions won't be perused until latter July)

share and enjoy

jude cowell said...

Thanks, L, you know i like that enticingly cosmic title! jude