Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Journey to Neptune, says a Red fairy basslet

Journey to Neptune, a Cosmic Art drawing for you by Jude Cowell.

In mind of April's BP oil fiasco under the Neptunian waters of the Gulf of Mexico, here floating past Secret Moon Art in solidarity with his marine brethren, is a small Red fairy basslet who tells me he's hoping you might check out a newly created spinning Art Cube, this time featuring six of my Dreamyfish Art portraits of tropical fish from Western Australia.

And you know my Dreamyfish Art blog always keeps a Marine News feed in its sidebar which is useful for Gulf Coast and other environmental news and issues.

Now let's Save our Gulf Coast waters and beaches and the threatened marine creatures therein!


Donna Cunningham said...

Love your new work, Jude. But then I always do! What I'm struck by in recent cosmic scenes is the smallest details and how it's usually backlit with a cosmic glow. Donna Cunningham

jude cowell said...

awww, thank you, Donna! you're very kind to view and sprinkle great comments about the place like a fairy with a magic wand!

Hope you're doing well and are ready for a hot summer, Jude

ps: born in the South, yes, but i am Never Ready for hot weather! ;p