Friday, March 05, 2010

Are You Ready for the March 2010 Astrology Day Blogathon?

Both Astrology and Art things are really simmering on the hob now in preparation for March 20's Spring Equinox 2010 as a variety of astrologers prepare informative articles for the 2010 Astrology Day Blogathon! If you read any Astrology at all, you know that Spring 2010 begins the difficult time period of Cardinal T-Square and Grand Cross energies which will last into 2014.

These patterns between Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto were also in effect during the Great Depression of the 1930s so full economic recovery may be remain on the backburner for a few more years, sad to say. Therefore, the 2010 Astrology Day Blogathon will contain articles on how best to navigate these difficult energies by way of practical solutions.

Plus, I am honored to be offering a little Cosmic and Moon Art to go along! More on that later.

Pictured above: Mystic Biscuit Tea Room which is my meager representation of a dream I had a while back: a cosmically inspired Tea Room serving teas, coffees, and steamy biscuits and jam, with for-sale Astrology books on the shelves, and my office tucked in back from whence I offer insightful Astrology consultations.

Ahhh! Yet so far it's only a dream and a drawing though I often have tea simmering on the hob. But from the looks of it I could use more customers, pass the butter!

So stay tuned for more details on the 2010 Astrology Day Blogathon and you may wish to keep current with Donna Cunningham's blog Skywriter for important updates on this upcoming online event which will provide Practical Ideas for Our Trying Times.


Donna Cunningham said...

Loved the bubbles slide show, Jude. So many wonderous images! Is this the one for the blogathon, or do you continue to tantalize us? Donna Cunningham

jude cowell said...

Thank you, Donna, and thanks for viewing Cosmic Bubbles!

No, you have me pegged perfectly - I continue to tantalize lol!

The main Cosmic Art Gallery won't be published until either Sunday or Monday March 14 or 15. This should give everyone time to add links, etc...unless you think earlier is better - please advise, if so!!! Jude

cjwright said...

We have a similar dream, Jude. One day.

jude cowell said...

Great, CJ! where shall we locate our tea room? jc ;p

cjwright said...

Somewhere between the Moon and New York City, and all your gorgeous paintings will be on the walls.

jude cowell said...

;p sounds good! but biscuits must have real butter - none of the fake stuff!

juliedemboski said...

"Mystic biscuit"!! Love it! Much prettier than my 'Teahouse of the Damned' which is where we (me and family) say all the odd things we encounter will be served (and of course, I can't think of a single one right now!)

Beautiful as always, Jude! jd

jude cowell said...

lol! of the damned, eh? ;p i think i've eaten there a time or two! jc