Friday, August 14, 2009

Saturn Night~Purple Violets, a Children's Felt Activity Book

Here I sit typing late in the evening (after midnight actually), and wondering if you've ever seen this scanned image - it's the center page of one of my Felt Activity Books, this one made for Little Miss Violet whose Bubbles-In-Waiting Tutorial may be the gloriously sudsy solution for all your low-spirited spots and smudges!


Note: planet, lower left, is actually Dark Red in color and doubles as a pouch where the stars 'hide' when the book is put away, only to be placed up in the night sky next time around by a delightfully designing child.

Parental supervision is required until a suitable age; not for under 4 years old. Ordering is Limited, contact: judecowell at gmail dot com. Prices in $100 - $150 range (+ shipping) due to the individualism of each book; pages have a variety of scenes and activities. Exs: apples from tree to barrel; fish and starfish swimming with seaweed, numbers and letters, flowers, and more.

Your child's name becomes the book's title as in, Violet's Book. Fun!


And if you're partial to botanical fish portraits, please visit the gallery at Dreamyfish Art if you wish to fish a while and wiggle your toes in the water of Art.

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