Friday, July 10, 2009

Ballet Collage from 1991 re-scanned in 2009

Ballet Collage, completed in 1991, is here copied, scanned, and published for you in black & white. The original collage (paper) is larger than my current scanner bed so scanning a copy of it is as good as it gets!

One thing I enjoy about paper collages (running across old ones in particular) is that they can function later on as a small sort of Time Capsule for the societal concerns and topics of the day on which they were created; in this case, 18 years ago.

(Warning: there may be dinosaurs afoot! Click to enlarge image.)

So do you collage, lone reader? Well, I recommend trying it, if you haven't, because it's a barrel of monkeys even without your toe shoes.

Plus, Collage Mirage is available for your inner collager as well.

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