Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Path to an Unknown Land: new drawing!

Now here is a good example of how some of my 'paths'n'portals' drawings look as they're in the early stages of development...as you see, you're on the precipice!

Path to an Unknown Land (which looks quite mysterious and 'unknown' with the distant landscape unsketched, doesn't it?) will be completed and published here as soon as I can find the inspiration and some drawing time to devote. And no, I have no idea at this moment where its path will lead.

Until then, click the title of this post to visit my latest blog where you'll discover a few of my drawings on display in the sidebar... Jude


Update 2.16.11: check out my latest blog creation, a science-y/poem-y concoction Woolly Mammoth Chronicles if you dare! jc

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