Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wire Art vs Pattillo Armadillo!

>Candle Bower 2003 Look! here's a photo of one of the Candle Bowers created by yours truly as Uranus (lightening; new ideas) traversed my 5th house of Creativity.

This was during my electric art phase, 1995 - 2004...see Cosmic Light Panel below - the photo is a bit fuzzy (from 2000) but it will give you the idea.

Wish I could still shape wire, beads, stones, and prisms into a spun stageset of silver, gold, copper, and brass - a decoration meant for candle enjoyment as well as for lighting purposes - but it's not to be. (Beware the nickel content in silver wire!)

Mirrors reflected candle flames the better to see you with, and here you observe candle's image at the top of the *bower - wish you could see it in evening light where it really glows.

But after 6 years of creating this line of designs, nickel had overly sensitized me and so I gave up creating my line of Wire Art, as I called it then, along with other styles of candle art, plus: mobiles, bead-studded boxes, light-catchers, articulated fish with bellies full of beads, and all manner of sculpturous things which one may invent with wire, whether beaded or no.

Then HG-TV called in 2004 about taping a segment for a new program but it conflicted with a writers' conference coming up where I could work on Pattillo Armadillo and the Dream of Green, my childrens' book. With Pattillo invited to NYC, his story and art had to be completed.

At last Pattillo made The Great Trip to NYC to have his book dummy - or dummybook, if you prefer - scrutinized by big town editors but he didn't 'fit' their list. Not quite up to snuff. So he came home to Georgia where he has remained ever since and as far as I know, has no plans to return to the Big City.

Here's a view of Pattillo from his dummybook cover:

So Pattillo and I are sending Big Thanks to readers of this blog - both of you are very kind to make it to the end of this post!

* concept for Candle Bowers came from bower birds and their amazing, cozy nests.

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