Thursday, November 22, 2007

giving thanks in Minerva's Glen 11.22.07

Minerva's Glen is my latest piece at Associated Content...a poem with art.

Sad when the hoot of an owl is a rare occurrence in one's environment where once it was common to hear bird calls of all sorts.

Progress: They Call It Civilization! But the Ecology Sux:

Now that's a hoot. Encroaching on pristine regions where bracken and lichen still infest limbs and branches...tsk. The presence of bracken and lichen indicates that the air is pure enough for them to grow, a lovely sign which is disappearing soon as developers get their mitts on the area and their much-touted 'build-out' in progress.

So Who Needs Clean Air?

A family member lives in Raleigh NC where particulates are worsening his asthmatic condition. Does the American by-the-of-the-for-the government make any effort at all to protect our air from high emissions of these tiny killers?

And this is "America" brought to you by...the robber baron classes, both royal and not-so-royal. If you don't know one of their minions, you probably are one of their minions.

Nov 22, 2007: Yet herearound the bulldozers haven't reported for duty just down the road--not so far they haven't--as they had planned for October. An option must have been extended. Hmph.

There's not enough water either, and a river to pollute by the over-building of 196 houses eventually, 60 to start--and all on very sloped land, granite not far underneath. It's the granite of Stone Mountain, near Atlanta, in fact.

So how did this overly ambitious and poorly timed project get past a watchdog Board of Commissioners? you ask...esp with the county motto:

Preserving the Past, Looking to the Future. (They're doing more than just looking.)

Greedy numbskulls pulling the strings, puppets in office, elderly golfers to manipulate by slick talking PR men. Little fish wheelerdealers of America.

And I'm in a snit to the point of miffdom.

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