Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A spinning Time Capsule Art Cube from 1996!

How do you like my new Time Capsule Art Cube with 6 of my drawings from ye olde 1996? That was for me a year of a Jupiter Return, or Reward Cycle, as Noel Tyl terms it. Of course, we all have returns of Jupiter to its natal position at our births but it takes about 12 years for the cycle to start and complete.

Therefore, the end of one Jupiter cycle is the beginning of the next...the end is in the beginning. Such is Astrology.

The Time Capsule Art Cube's images are listed below in no particular order (but there are necessarily only 6 of them for cube's sake):

1. Timeless Path
2. Clouds Descend Near Turquoise Pond (sorry. that's a rather long one)
3. Eclipse with Pansies
4. Path to Blue Tree Castle
5. View from Cave Observatory
6. Silver Tree

When it isn't so late an hour I shall return to add links for each image separately so you can view one or two of them for more than 3 seconds, if you like. At least you can slow down the Art Cube with your browser or a digit. Right?


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Carol said...

Jude, love your art cube; that is really cool! I also like how you can slow down the cube to view your art; excellent work!

jude cowell said...

Carol thank you! You're really 'on my tail' today since I just finished visiting your excellent 'The Blue Cat' Zazzle Shop where i sassily joined your Fan Club and look forward to more of y our feline (and canine) creations which have so much humor to them!

Thanks for your visit - and Art On,


Anonymous said...

Wow! That is cool! I like.

jude cowell said...

Very kind of you Greenfingers, thanks! ;p