Sunday, May 23, 2010

An Art Film Short: 'Come Home' by Jude Cowell

Have you seen this, one of my first-ever attempts at creating an Art Film Short, Come Home which premiered online in 2007 as I began feeling strongly the rays of dissolving Neptune upon America's natal Moon in Aquarius.

Yes, a Moon/Neptune contact fits public display (Moon) of media, mass entertainment, or Art (Neptune) yet the sense of rootlessness and loss that Neptune-to-Moon engenders is palpable here as well as across the globe. Keys are being left in mailboxes as people skedaddle out from the crushing burden of over-extended financial conditions while others are made refugees by way of political and military forces.

For as you know, the Moon in a Mundane Astrology chart signifies The People or Populace...or, in the case of our nation, we-the-people (Moon in Aquarius!)

Even the BP-Gulf oil spill at the Deepwater Horizon oil platform on April 20, 2010 may be described by Lunar/Neptunian forces which can, like leaking gas, overpower us before we know the danger...a silent enemy creeping.

The Deepwater (Neptune) Horizon (Jupiter) 'blowout' has irreparably harmed US citizens (Moon) thanks to an over-the-line oil industry which has no idea to how to repair the problem because it's 5 miles under the sea.

What was BP's plan in case of failure? None that were tested for such depths!

So Gulf region jobs and careers are being lost, marine and other animals are being grievously wounded or killed, and it all may result in....the loss of more homes.

In fact, you may wish to check out the Habitat for Humanity's international website for what to do about the situation...or your own family's situation!

Speaking of the fishies, take a mo and float dreamily over to my collection of botanical fish drawings @ Dreamyfish Art where SAVE OUR OCEANS is the constant refrain.

Now added to the sidebar: a Marine News feed for keeping up with the latest marine animal news, plus related environmental issues and articles.


Heads-Up: if you'd like to view the Horoscope of the BP-Gulf oil spill you might begin @ Stars Over Washington where you'll see that asteroid Hidalgo is rising at 9:50 pm. "Around 10 pm" seems to be the most often mentioned timing for the disastrous event of April 20, 2010.

Plus, Mexico's independence chart (birth chart) is shown with my notes scribbled upon it (click to enlarge chart image), and birth data for Spain and for New Orleans are listed in case you don't have the info handy.

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