Tuesday, September 08, 2009

'Nine Leaves' for Twyla's Toilette

Funny, but Nine Leaves was the working title of this drawing which eventually morphed into a completed image that you may view if you like and are 17+ of age.

Not that its finished version, titled Twyla's Toilette, is racy in nature, but you just may encounter an Adult Content Warning from Blogger due to the sassier images in the Cosmic Persona Designs gallery...but it's all artsy drawings, no photography allowed (by me. Not interested, don't even ask.)

So just bravely click through if you wish to view Twyla at her dressing table with the Moon shining through the circular window...

Jude Cowell 9.8.09 1:40 am edt

(That's Coh' wull, not 'Cow' as in moo cow or Simon. Thnx for understanding.)

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