Thursday, May 21, 2009

Adam Lambert video: Mad World

In an unsual move for Secret Moon Art the video of Adam Lambert's rendition of Mad World is being posted here for you to enjoy in case you've been underground for months and haven't seen his performance from the 2009 season of American Idol.

As you've heard, Wednesday night was the AI finale of the competition and Kris Allen gained the crown rather than Adam. Then a headline I noticed afterward called Kris the 'dark horse' but someone must be messin' with our minds because archetypally Adam Lambert plays the dark one, with Kris a lighter version of The Singer archetype.

So oddly enough, it was the 'light horse' pulling ahead of the shoo-in, as some would say. Even Kris seemed surprised - yet with a Rx Mercury 26Tau+ now conjunct the degree of difficult Fixed Star, Algol, the vote (Mercury) may come under dispute or review in some way (Rx.)

Yet on another level, the Mercury/Algol link could be a reference to the strength of young voters going in another direction than expected and full of life force.

Squeaky Clean v Dark Dream. Now how often on this old planet does Squeaky Clean take the worldly prize?

Changing Channels: Politics and the National Archives Security Breach

Then there's the unfortunate revelation that millions of personal records and info have disappeared from America's National Archives in Washington, DC.

Supposedly someone's back got turned as the Clinton administration records were being digitally tranferred to the NA hard drive - and one of 100 staffers (or the janitor, visitors, interns, and your Aunt Granny Fanny) could have moseyed through on a tour or perhaps going to the restroom.

Quite a thoroughfare in which to leave unattended a sensitive national hard drive. And if you're thinkin' what I'm thinking, it's: first they steal the money, now it's the Archives with our Social Security #s - once again we're caught with our knickers down yet it's someone else doing the mooning (at us suckers.)

Oh well! Affected individuals will be notified, so keep your cell phone primed and wait for their text message if you're one of the lucky ones.

And the acting director for the Archives has been called to testify on Capitol Hill on Thursday, May 21, 2009, so let's have Adrienne Thomas explain all the what what she can about the this inexcusable matter which could very well be treason.


Hyde Park Democrat said...

Thanks for posting this music video, Jude. I have not watched one second of "American Idol." I did know there was some kind of controversy.
I liked this song 'mad world.' I guess it was famous already and this is "Adam Lambert's" cover of it. Who was the original artist, and when was it first a 'famous' song?

BTW, how are you feeling about BHO II about now.......totally a void of course, Rx Merc inauguration, right?

jude cowell said...

Hi HPD, you're welcome for the video post! i only watch Am Idol the last 3 or 4 shows now and totally missed it for its 1st 2 or 3 years.

'Mad World' is a Tears For Fears song amazingly enough.

And yes, Mercury Rx is lousy for a new adm sounding like the old. You notice BHO's pronouncements on many subjects are like Bush Lite, some would say. And i'm not liking it much, you're right, but am not surprised about Mr. Saturn-in-Capricorn - esp with Larry Summers heading the adm's economic team.

Goldman Sachs needs to get out of the governing business, i say, and Summers helped manipulate the deregulation scams that landed us in today's cauldron.

And of course i still think that all or most of it was Done On Purpose by the chaos-creators, the power elite.

So thanks for your comment (and please pardon because i don't know what to call you)! jude