Saturday, September 15, 2007

Hidden Garden Theatre!

These features are mega-spiffy for my art images, ya think? Here's one called, Hidden Garden, which contains samples of drawings of several styles and imprints for you to enjoy if you may. I used the Blinds style of display, one of Slide's many choices.

That's why I entitled the film, Hidden Garden Theatre. This image has traveled to live in the U.K. and is quite proud to admit it.

A Little Astrology of the Matter:

Setting a locality chart (my own birth details but set for England), I get Saturn at MC, Moon at IC. Not sure if that's why my images and 90s-done Cosmic Panel art (electrified wire, stones, beads, mirrors) had other nibbles from the Isles including Bath which was gratifying and for a good cause.

And scroll just below for the link to my new revolving Cosmic Art Cube which you may spin and tumble with your artful mousings! And why not a Diana Krall tune with your jude-perpetrated renderings a la Cosmic Art Cube?

Now that's a pretty good deal...and with the artist's compliments! ;p

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