Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Red Candle under Crescent Moon

Another from my Paths'n'Portals Series.

Most of the archways I draw tend to be mossy and green, or Turquoise stone. This one turned out pinky red...not sure if there's a semi-precious stone to name it after! Do you know of one?

(c)2007 Paths'n'Portals Jude Cowell

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I think not.


Bad Kitty Cats & Megan said...

This disturbs me a bit, but the colors are excellent. Maybe it makes me feel small, but in reality I need that. Life is big. I like it.

jude cowell said...

Yes, this sort of drawing is disturbing but you should see people's reactions to ones with yellow skies, or green--they illicit very strong and usually negative reactions.

Too stormy, I suppose. But occasionally we all may need a good yellow sky!

This drawing's colors slightly indicate a bruised effect, I think, and is not my usual archway of moss or turquiose.

I have a 'Pattillo Armadillo' image with a Turquoise Observatory. Perhaps I will post it.

cosmically, jude